Andrew Filippone Jr.


My office / edit room in Forest Hills, Queens.

I began my career in the mid-1990s in Boston. My first system was an offline Avid Media Composer that ran on a Macintosh IIci and maxed out at AVR3. I then upgraded to a Media 100 that could output "broadcast quality" video. I also did a project or two on an ImMIX VideoCube, but I don't remember much about that system.


In the late 1990s, I settled in New York City and worked as a freelance Editor. At Nickelodeon, I edited the first two seasons of the international version of Blue's Clues and several episodes of Dora the Explorer. At Showtime, I cut over one hundred short-form pieces in the On-Air Promotions Department. I was also the documentary Editor on two DVDs from Metallica, Cunning Stunts and S&M.


From 2000-2004, I lived in Los Angeles. For half that time I held a staff position as Director of Film & Video at Pallotta TeamWorks, a production company that organized large fundraising events. I also worked freelance, editing regularly at G4 Television and with other broadcast and non-broadcast clients.


When I returned to New York City in 2005, I assembled a roster of business and nonprofit clients and began producing, directing, shooting, and editing practical films of all kinds, while at the same time making films of my own. This was a transformational time for me, both professionally and personally, and I'm an infinitely better Editor than I was in 2005.


As a team member, I'm low-maintenance, self-sufficient, reasonable, and accommodating. Years of documentary work in nonprofit circles have taught me how to adapt, in the moment, to rapidly changing circumstances and finite resources.


+1 (805) 905-1000